M&A – Transactional Services

  •  Structured processes for purchasing and selling assets and companies (sell side and buy side).
  • Search and analysis of assets / companies.
  • Purchase mandates / Sale mandates / Private placements / Evaluations / Joint-ventures / Divestments of subsidiaries or non-strategic activities / Equity restructuring Purchase/sale of assets / Spin-offs. 

Financing / Leverage Advisory

  • Advice on searching and monitoring processes of traditional bank financing (mortgage, working capital, bullet, growth financing, renting, others).
  • Debt Raising / Search for financing for leveraged operations / Debt refinancing / Pre-deal refinancing / Staple finance. 
  • Advice on obtaining alternative private financing (funds, private investors, others) with different characteristics: Bullet, balloon short-term-medium term, invoice discount, other structures. 
  • Bond market advisory.

Business Consulting & Corporate Finance

  • Business plans, business valuation, economic reports.
  • Commercial introductions.
  • Corporate or financial advice to companies for expansion processes, control of special situations or in cases of business continuity.
  • Interim Management.
  • Development of investment vehicle projects (SOCIMI, structures in Luxembourg or others) 
  • Corporate Advice to Boards of Directors, companies and investment vehicles (funds and assets) 
  • Placement Agent: Raising capital for funds or investment structures.
  • Asset Management: From the ownership side/ point of view of different property types (hotels or others), the aim is to optimize their profitability and value, through a proactive and professional relationship with the establishment operator through the following axes of performance: 

  • Search and negotiation of property operators. 
  • Economic management of the establishment. 
  • Conceptualization and positioning of the product. 
  • Conservation and reinvestment of the asset.

Wealth Management

Services offered to individuals and families:


  • Advisory, diversification and investment of monetary assets and savings in investment funds, balanced portfolios of funds according to profile, and other types of investment. 
  • Channeling savings and social protection products. 
  • Review, analysis and investment in pension plan programs. 
Services offered to companies:


  • Optimization of treasury peaks. 
  • Flexible remuneration platform. 
  • Social security plans and support in personnel restructuring processes. 

Advice on alternative investments:


  • Private Equity: Potential for higher returns. 
  • Private Credit: Alternative source of income generation. 
  • Hedge funds. As part of diversification. 
  • Direct investments in real estate or companies: Protection of income and inflation. 
Insurance consulting:


  • Life / non-life. 
  • Companies and individuals.
Note: Both monetary investments/funds/structured, pension plans and insurance are channeled through Mapfre and Mapfre Gestión Patrimonial. The responsible persons in Mallorca capital are duly authorized by Mapfre, and hold all the relevant professional qualifications from the CNMV, DGS and Bank of Spain.

Mapfre / Mapre asset management

Mapfre is the largest Spanish insurance company in the world, the largest multinational insurance company in Latin America, and one of the 15 largest European groups by premium value. More than 34 thousand employees and more than 26 million customers. MAPFRE is among the most solvent companies in the sector, a basic principle that is transferred to the wealth management business, offering a wide range of global products and services with an open architecture structure Profiled portfolios, equities, fixed income, investment funds own, external, pension plans, savings products, insurance, etc.

Differential value of Mallorca Capital

  • Excellent knowledge of sector practices in Tourism, Healthcare, Real Estate and financial (advisory). 
  • Intensive experience in the functional area of corporate finance, transactions, financing and business consulting. 
  • Strategic alliances with investors, property managers, real estate developers, architects, venture capital and debt funds, investment banking, lawyers, among other professionals. 
  • Wide network of contacts in the main financial capitals (Madrid, Barcelona, London, Luxembourg, among other areas) 
  • Possibility of structuring and managing investment vehicles with a hotel/real estate/healthcare underlying, adjusted to the needs of investors and stakeholders, optimizing the ad hoc risk-return binomial. 
  • Focus on the client, both seller and investor, and the particular needs of any entity, around the financial economic field, with a 360-degree approach. Coordination of ad hoc projects thanks to the open architecture work approach with preferred partners of local or national relevance. 
  • Combination of local focus with national and international relations.

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