Audiovisual services of Mallorca Capital

Mallorca Capital has reached an agreement with RLM Audiovisual for its collaboration in projects that require audiovisual production and web design.

RLM offers a comprehensive communication service, providing global solutions to its clients such as the creation and development of the Mallorca Capital website. All the essential content for this website has been integrated with an attractive visual look, in line with the line to be transmitted.

In addition, RLM produces quality audiovisual content to feed the website and / or social networks. They create a video marketing strategy to communicate and publicize products or services, corporate videos to show the company and its advantages over the competition.

Other services that complement a good website are cutting-edge photography and videos such as those produced with 360º cameras.

The main objective of RLM is to show the products and services of its clients in a professional way to achieve higher sales. Today, it is communicated and sold with video, and RLM Audiovisual has solutions for each project.

Should you have any doubt or if you just want to get in contact with us, please write to us.


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